What’s a good location for your holiday home in Kerala? :

How do you know if your holiday home is ideally located?

You may want to look into things like the popularity of the location. Because, if you are planning to rent it out, it doesn't make sense to buy your holiday home in a location that has just one or two months of holiday season.

In fact, that’s one reason why Kerala would be a good choice for your holiday home. Our beaches and hills are year-long favourites of holidaymakers, both domestic and international.

Do holiday homes in Kerala have good growth prospects? :

Again, it depends on where in Kerala you buy your holiday home. If you choose a scenic but secluded, not so well-known spot, you might enjoy your vacations there, but it may not bring in many tourists.

Our holiday home locations are carefully chosen keeping in mind your needs as well as your guests’ needs. A useful thing to find out is, if any infrastructure development projects have been announced. New roads and projects almost always guarantee appreciation.
In fact, from our experience, we can say that any good real estate investment is the outcome of detailed local knowledge. And that’s how property experts like us add value. (Hint: Call us! :-) )

What are some of the most important waterfront property locations in and around Kochi? :

Fort Kochi : Fort Kochi is the real thing, the old Kochi. It lies bang on the coast, so if you are looking for some sea breeze in your property, this would be a good area to scan. However, waterfront properties in Fort Kochi are expensive since the area is a popular international tourist destination and land availability is limited.

Vaikom: Vaikom lies calmly on the banks of Lake Vembanad. It is on the outskirts of the city of Kochi, about 30 kms away. We have some ideally located, waterfront residential properties here with excellent access to all amenities like good roads, hospitals and schools and still offering the serenity of lakeside living. 

CherthalaFor the beach lovers, Cherthala is a much less expensive option. Situated around 30kms from the city of Kochi, this property is located on the Thykkal beach, just a stone's throw away from the sea.